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PhotoBooths of SoCal Brand Activation Setup

PhotoBooths are not what they used to be years ago.  No longer are they small cramped little boxes with an expectation of a poor quality small photo.  With the right company and the best equipment available you can now get amazing pictures that look like they were shot in a studio.  The setup is as important as the photo to fit branding or an events theme decor.  Recently this spring we were featured by Event Manager Blog as they listed some of the best PhotoBooth setups for different events.  PhotoBooths of SoCal was featured 3 times for a variety of different uses and setups.  From brand activations in a mall pop-up to a custom designed backdrop allowing for a back-to-back double booth setup as well as the red carpet experience.   Check out the article on their website EventManagerBlog.com

PhotoBooths of SoCal Double Booth Back to Back Setup


PhotoBooths of SoCal Red Carpet Setup       

To inquire about a custom setup for fit your special event contact us at 909-319-1105 or send a inquiry here.


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